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Air Cooler & Humidifier - almanaar Islamic Store

Air Cooler & Humidifier

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POWERFUL AIR COOLER: Keep your home cool with this powerful air cooler which has variable settings to give you control. Designed for simplicity, it draws in and cools air before blowing it into the room and you can fill Removable 4L water tank or 2 Refillable ice boxes to make the air colder.

ANTI DUST FILTER: Trap pollutants whilst breezing out clean air with cool water vapours to make the air less dry thus improving your skin and sleep.

Keep cool, humidified and air-conditioned with this powerful yet energy efficient evaporative air cooler, with digital controls, high-tech cyclone fan with multiple speed and air pattern combinations, dust filter, a giant 4L reservoir, and 120-degree oscillation functions

Unlike air conditioners which merely recycle stale and dried-out air, evaporative cooling delivers cold and moist, oxygen-rich fresh air, promoting alertness and well-being and improving everything from respiratory and skin conditions to aiding with a good night’s sleep

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