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Al Harameen Azan Clock, Model: (HA -5151)

Al Harameen Azan Clock, Model: (HA -5151)

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Model (HA -5151)

Original Al Harameen Digital Azan Clock

The best help to remind you to pray


PRAYER REMINDER - 5 Azan Alarms - Complete Azan


CITY SETTING & AZAN TAQWEEM SYSTEMS -Easily to Set City by International Dialling Telephone Code


DATE SETTING - Hijra and Gregorian Calendar Setting


DAILY ALARM & WEEKEND ALARM SETTING- Choose Daily & Your Weekend Alarm Optional


TWO YEAR WARRANTY- Guaranteed Two Years from the date of Purchase


Imported from USA


*Products Description Muslim Azan Clock HA-5151

*Prayer times for most cities in the world with five calendars are supported for the time of prayer.

To easy use programming by international dialling telephone code especially in Al-harameen.

*Could easily modify the difference time prayer to the outskirts of cities adopted it.

*Special alarm to wake up, works automatically with the possibility of closure.

*Prayer alarms to reminders of Iqama or salat time for all prayers.

*Full screen LED light Snooze option.


Daily alarm. *The possibility turns on or off azan sound imposed on all alone.

*Complete azan for all prayers (with volume control).

*Hijri and Gregorian calendars.

*Daylight saving time option. Two years guarantee


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