Bukhour Adeni 9 Piece Bakhoor 40g-Bakhoor-Al rehab

Bukhour Adeni 9 Piece Bakhoor 40g

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 Become enticed within this bakhoor with an amazing aromatic sensation that tops even the use of Incense sticks or candle sticks.
· Experience perfect meditation with this bakhoor as you would with meditation candles, as this beats patchouli incense sticks, Sage sticks, white sage incense sticks, and others alike.
· Arabian scent of Bukhoor Adeni Bakhour
· Smell the amazing scents slathering these sandalwood pieces to produce sandalwood incense.
· If you’re ever tired of the smells emitted from the incense burner, you can always use air freshener to overlap the smells; al-rehab air freshener tend to work best.

Usage : burn on a charcoal by using a mabkhara to release the pleasant smell for your room or spaces inside your house you can burn with electric and non electric burner.