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Arabic Magnetic Alphabet Whiteboard

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Learning the Arabic Alphabet is fun and easy with these magnetic Arabic letters and whiteboard developed by Emaan Productions. An essential sensory tool to learn the building blocks of the Arabic language!

The letters are colour coded to help remember groups of Arabic letters with similar shapes. The board is double sided: one side is a blackboard and the other is a whiteboard. Children can organise the magnetic letters on the white board. If this is not enough, this set comes complete with chalk, a wipe-clean pen and an eraser to practice writing the letters on both sides!

This set promotes multi-sensory learning from writing with a pen, drawing with chalk and holding and manipulating the physical magnetic Arabic alphabet. It helps develop pre-writing and writing skills. What a versatile learning resource that helps children engage with a variety of activities to learn the Arabic Alphabet!

  • 28 magnetic Arabic letters
  • Magnetic letters are colour-coded
  • Double sided whiteboard/blackboard
  • Complete with chalk
  • Includes a wipe-clean pen + eraser
  • Organise the magnetic letters on the board
  • Practice writing the Arabic letters
  • Promotes sensory learning
  • Helps develop pre-writing and writing skills
  • A perfect introduction to the Arabic language

Product Size: 26.7 x 32 cm

Age: 3y+