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Chamomile Natural Herbal Tea (20 Bags)

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Contents: Daisy Above Ground.

Daisy Monoterpenes, Etheric Oil Derivatives Such As Polynes, Coumarins, Flovanoids, Etc. Components. There Are Many Varieties Of Papatya, Which Is From The Family Asteraceae, One Of The Most Well-Known Is Matricaria Recutita, A German Chamomile.

Use Of:
A Cup Of Hot Water Can Be Consumed After Brewing For 5-10 Minutes By Adding A Sieve Bag.

It Is Recommended To Use Herbal Teas Without Sweetening.

It Can Be Sweetened With Honey If Necessary.

Packaging: 20 Filter Bag

It Is Recommended That Pregnant And Lactating Women Should Consult With The Doctor.

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