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Helbah Hair Tonic Oil 125ml by Baqais

Helbah Hair Tonic Oil 125ml by Baqais

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Helbah Hair Tonic  Oil Strength Natural Treatment by Baqais 125ml

Helbah tonic hair oil or fenugreek oil is used to feed dry and damaged hair, as it works to prevent brittleness. Can also work as a treatment for hereditary baldness and can be used as a substitute for industrial products that are used in the prevention of hair loss, as it contains Alnecotiik which is useful to prevent hair loss. Can be used with other oils such as olive oil or castor oil to increase hair growth, as fenugreek oil contains Allecin which nourishes and softens the hair. Fenugreek oil contains oestrogen, which in turn stimulates the hormone Albroolambron a known hormone milk. Can be used as one of the most important preparations to maintain skin health and freshness. It helps to moisturise the skin and contains antioxidants that help give the skin freshness and vitality and it also contains anti-inflammatory properties, which keep the skin bright and protected. Made in Saudi Arabia by Original Size: 125ml

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