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Moon Lamp Quran Speaker
Moon Lamp Quran Speaker

Moon Lamp Quran Speaker

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- 3D Moonlight Design, 7 colours to change, 15cm diameter with bracket.

- Wireless Bluetooth connection, up to 15-meter Bluetooth distance.

- Playing Quran translation. Select your native language for understanding Quran meaning.

- Wireless remote control.

- For listening to Quran audio and any translation together, please press the MODE button, for single-mode, press again.



Product Name: 3D Moonlight Quran Speaker Lamp

Model: SQ-510

Size: Dia. 15cm

Colour: 7 colours to change

Main Function: Quran reciter, Bluetooth

Material: PLA

Special feature: Portable, Wireless, Remote, Touch

Battery: Internal Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, 500mAh

Working Time: 3-4 hours

Charging Time: 1-2 Hours

Bluetooth Range: 15 meter

Speaker Output Power: 3.5W

Translation: 14 Languages

Quran Reciters: 8


Famous Quran Reciters


  1. Shaykh Rashid al Afasy, 2. Shaykh Abdur Rahman Sudais, 3. Shaykh Muhammad Minshawi, 4. Shaykh Ajmi, 5. Shaykh Muhammad Ayoub, 6. Qari Abdul Basit, 6. SHaykh Khalil al Husary, 7. Tafsir Jalalayn Reciter


 Quran Translation Languages:


  1. English, 2. Urdu, 3. Bangla, 4. French, 5. Faris (Persian), 6. Maliyalam, 7. Dari, 8. Uzbek, 9. Pashto, 10. Tamil, 11. Kurdi, 12. Turkish, 13. Russian, 14. Indonesian


HD Quality Qur'an Audio

Qur'an Translation Audio

Qur'an Ayah by Ayah Translation

Qur'an word by word Translation

Complete Tafseer audio

Azan - Recording only - not 5 daily Azan

FM Radio

MP3 Player

Fast Surah Selection (New)

Hot Key MP3

Remote control,5 Watt HD Loudspeaker


Package Included:

1 x Moonlight Speaker

1 x Remote Controller

1 x USB Cable(No Plug Included)

1 x User Manual



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