Olive Miswak Aswad (Extreme Thin Miswak)-Miswak-Al Khair

Olive Miswak Aswad (Extreme Thin Miswak)

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Organic, Raw And Unprocessed Miswak Extracted From Olive/Zaitoon Tree. Originating From The Boarders Of Pakistan And Afghanistan. ( Very thin miswak) 

These Raw And Unprocessed Dried Olive Tree Toothbrush Sticks (Olea Europaea) Replace Toothbrushes And Toothpaste. They Are Great At Killing Oral Bacteria, Reducing Plaque Accumulation, Freshening The Breath, Helping To Clean Between The Teeth And At Helping To Remineralise The Teeth. Tasting Pleasantly Of Olives, These Sticks Posses Broad Antimicrobial Qualities Essential For Great Natural Oral Care. Our Sticks Are Sent To You In Totally Biodegradable And Compostable Packaging, Giving You A Fully Effective, Sustainable And Chemical Free Way Of Caring For Your Teeth.

Please note this miswak is unlike other miswak as this is extremely thin.