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Qust Al Bahri Powder (Sea Incense Costus) Herbal Medicine Healing 100g

Qust Al Bahri Powder (Sea Incense Costus) Herbal Medicine Healing 100g

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Qust Al-Bahri Powder (Sea Incense) Herbal Medicine Healing is a thistle found in the Himalayas, Kashmir, India, and Pakistan, and is also known by its scientific name Saussurea Lappa. The root is dried and used in a variety of medicinal formulations in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Gas, Diarrhea, IBS, Crohns And Most Gastro-Intestinal Issues
  • Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Rosacea And Skin Diseases In General
  • Intestinal Worms And Parasites
  • Premature Ejaculation, Increasing Sperm Motility And Libido In Men
  • Fertility, Libido, Womb And Egg Health In Women
  • Blood Health By Increasing White Blood Cells And Immunity
  • Arthritis, Rheumatism, Joint Pain And Back Problems
  • Regulation Of Menstrual Cycles And Painful Periods
  • Nasal Issues
  • Headaches And Migraines
  • Losing Excess Water Weight (Diuretic)
  • Gum Irritation
  • Detoxifying The Body Of Toxins (Antioxidant)
  • Expelling Jinn Possession, Black Magic And Waswasa
  • Coughs, Colds And Flu
  • Diabetes


How to yse Quest al Bahri (Sea Incense Costus) Powder:

  • • Sniffing In The Nostrils Is Good For Sinus & Throat Problems, Headaches & Migraines, Jinn Possession, Black Magic And Waswasa
  • • Put 1 Teaspoon In Water And Drink 2-4 Times A Day For Gastro-Intestinal Issues, Libido, Fertility, Jinn Possession, Black Magic, Join Issues, Diabetes, Skin Issues, Weight Loss Etc
  • • Simmer On A Low Heat In Olive Oil For 40 Minutes, Let It Cool, Apply To Skin Issues, Joint Pains And Back Ache
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