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The Book Of Forty Hadeeth Regarding The Madhhab Of The Salaf

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Shaikh Ali Al-Haddadi 

This book has forty five chapters, and forty seven ahadeeth. Each hadeeth is referenced and checked for authenticity. Each chapter has a title within which is contained the fiqh of the hadeeth that proceeds, and that which the author intends to draw as the understanding of the hadeeth as was the methodology of many of the hadeeth Scholars of the past. This work is an excellent introduction to the Salafi da’wah and it’s principles providing clear evidences in that regard. This treatise also makes clear the positions of the Salaf with respect to the Rulers, Scholars and the various Sects.

Both the Arabic and English text of each hadeeth have been printed so as to facilitate memorisation and understanding. It is unique in its compilation two major Scholars of our era have reviewed this work confirming its understanding, namely: The Noble Shaykh, the Allaamah Saaleh bin Fawzaan bin Abdullaah al-Fawzaan and the Noble Shaykh, the ‘Allaamah Alee bin’_Îâ’__ Muhammad bin Naasir al-Faqeehee. The author states: “So these are forty seven established hadeeths I have gathered in clarification of the important fundamentals connected to the Salafi Manhaj (Methodology). I sought, in accordance to my ability, the summarize texts so they would be easy to memorise. And I gave each of them a title in accordance with the intent of the treatise.