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Turkish Premium Quality Bamboo 100% Cotton 2pcs Ihram for Adults

Turkish Premium Quality Bamboo 100% Cotton 2pcs Ihram for Adults

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Why is bamboo better?

The benefits are instant! Over other leading fabrics, bamboo clothing is instantly recognizable in terms of comfort and feel. The high thread count is key to this and allows the wearer maximum comfort.

Incredibly absorbent.

Width: 110cm

Length: 220cm

Benefits of bamboo ihram:

  • Super soft – bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool – a softer and more luxurious feel.
  • Antibacterial – bacteria do not live well in bamboo fabric. Do it does not trap odors.
  • UV protection – bamboo fabric cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays, so perfect for holidays/traveling cover-ups.
  • Kind to the skin – for allergy-prone skin, bamboo fabric is perfect. It is anti-static and sits well next to your skin.
  • Moisture-wicking – bamboo fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier.
  • Thermo-control – bamboo fabric is warm, thanks to its hollow microfibre (like wool), yet is also breathable. High performance in all temperatures.

Bamboo is great for the environment too…

Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to cotton, not least because of its amazing properties which are kind to your skin.

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Size : Adult 

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