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Vatika Dermoviva Black Seed Clarifying Soap 115g

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Vatika Dermoviva Black Seed Soap

Black seed has been known in the ancient cultures of Asia and the Middle East as a powerful herb due to its varied health benefits. A rich source of vitamins & other essential nutrients, Black seed helps restore the nutrients to your skin. Vatika Natural Black seed Clarifying Soap has the goodness of traditional Black seed for your everyday complete skin care. It helps keep skin naturally nourished to give your skin the youthful texture that your desire.


Chamomile innately instilled with cleansing properties that help give you soft, smooth and clear skin. Pomegranate is known to strengthen and support your skin and help give it a beautiful glow. Ayurvedic soap Vatika DermoViva Naturals Black Seed contains no animal ingredients.

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