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Almanaar Islamic Store, Established In 2016 As The UK’s Largest Islamic Shop. Based in Coventry Road, Birmingham. Almanaar Provides A Wide Range of High-Quality Products for An Islamic Lifestyle. We Have Abayas In Plenty of Designs & Styles, High Quality Thobes/Jubbas, Loads of Hijabs in Different Styles, Home Décor Including Islamic Arts & Canvases, Sunnah Foods & Herbs, Health & Beauty Products, Islamic Books & Literatures, A Huge Collection of Arabic Perfumes & Fragrances, Hajj & Umrah Essentials And Much More.


430 Coventry Road, Small Heath

Birmingham B10 0UG

United Kingdom.

MON - FRI : 9am to 7pm

SATURDAY: 9am to 8pm

SUNDAY: 10am to 7pm


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