Collection: Halal Sweets

Explore Almanaar’s wide range of delicious Halal Sweets, HMC certified! Almanaar has an incredible variety of sweets in different shapes, sizes: and flavours like Squishy, Chewy, Sour and Sweet. We have Marshmallows, Gummy sweets, Bubble-Gum, Chocolates, Fizzy and sour Belts, Jelly Beans, Lollies, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian Sweets, Honey, Dates, Sprays, Candyfloss, Big and small Tubs, and so much more! Come and treat yourself at Almanaar. You are sure to find something you will enjoy!

Aisha (RA) Reported: The Messenger Of Allah, Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him, Used To Like Sweets And Honey. -Sahih Al-Bukhari 5115