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Dark Chocolate Almond Tamrah Dates 80g

Dark Chocolate Almond Tamrah Dates 80g

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Dark chocolate covered dates stuffed with almonds. In a handy zipper bag so that you can enjoy anytime.

Made from the handpicked of premium dates, stuffed with golden roasted almonds and wrapped in premium chocolate, Tamrah blends the taste of tradition with the scope of innovation with amazing ease. For product innovation, Tamrah received the prestigious Gulf Food Award in 2013.

Tamrah is an exquisite range of collection of healthy and nourishing confectioneries made with finest dates and golden roasted almonds, enrobed in pure chocolate. With the finest golden almonds at the core, surrounded by irresistible luscious dates and enveloped with four sinfully delectable chocolate variants, combine to give you three layers of happiness. Each bite is a taste of gourmand paradise.

Blend of Dark Chocolate and pure chocolate with a supple soft date with almond makes it luscious and hard to resist.

Dates are wrapped with a deliciously thick layer of Dark Chocolate, stuffed with toasted almonds and then dipped in Dark Chocolate. Rich and indulgent.

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