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193 Eau de Parfum 25ml Marque Collection

193 Eau de Parfum 25ml Marque Collection

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This perfume has similar fragrance notes to C Choco. It would be a great alternative to anyone who likes this type of fragrance, but at a fraction of the price.

Marque Collection N-193 has an elegant and impeccable classic aroma. Presented as floral-chypre group scents. Around her impressive, upscale and luxurious hostess, she creates a refined, sensual and pure aura, dressing the woman in an invisible, expensive aromatic dress that can intrigue, delight and deserve the attention of the best and most coveted men. The opening notes showcase a classic blend of fresh, invigorating citrus, oranges, mandarins and bergamots, romantic, delicate orange blossoms with honey blossoms. The heart of the scent is mottled with bright, radiant jasmine petals, the aroma of which merges into one consonant harmony with the sunny, floral-powdery enchanting nuances of mimosa.

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