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2 Layer Tie Back Niqab Black

2 Layer Tie Back Niqab Black

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This beautiful  2 layer niqab is designed with modesty and style in mind. Made of super-soft Premium Korean chiffon that is comfortable and breathable. The niqab ties around the back of the head and have two layers: a bottom layer that covers the face and the top layer can drown over the eyes for extra coverage or flip back over the head to your own preference.

Available in two sizes; standard size and large size. The large size is ideal if you like long layered Niqabs and like the extra-long coverage for both sides.

2 layer standard size 
1st :   36cm x 42cm
2nd:  54cm x 52cm 
2 layer large size 
1st :  36cm x 49 cm  
2nd:  69cm x 77cm
Length of below eye area: 50cm
colour: jet black
These measurements may vary slightly from item to item.


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