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Alphabet Runner Board Game

Alphabet Runner Board Game

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Alphabet Runner Learning to Spell and have fun. Alphabet Runner® is a fun memory challenge game for all-round family fun! Alphabet Runner® is a Word Game! Memory Game! Board Game! Card Game! - It is the only game in the world which offers a 4-in-1 format. 

The Word Game! Use the jumbled letters to create three, four and five letter words. This helps to develop lateral thinking skills. 2 The Memory Game!Retain the words in your memory until it is your turn. This helps to develop memory. 3 The Board Game!As you dash around the central scoring track with a runner piece. Maths and eye-hand co-ordination skills are being further enhanced. 4 The Card Games!Play Snap, Pairs, Speed.

This helps to further develop recognition skills, eye- hand co ordination and decision-making. The game featured on ITV Central News on Friday 27th Jan 2006. The game featured on BFBS television programme for British Forces. Headteachers’ Update magazine carried an article in January 2006, praising Alphabet Runner® and recommended it for both school and home use, after assessing the game

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