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Amber Oud Gold Edition Eau de Parfum 60ml Al Haramain

Amber Oud Gold Edition Eau de Parfum 60ml Al Haramain

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This genuine Al Haramain product is high quality and longer lasting perfume.

A beautiful moment is worth pausing forever. It begins with the tantalising whiff of an intricately composed camphor us scent, harmoniously blended with cedar wood leaves and citrus to make it relax and refreshing. A heavenly start. As your eyes close to imagine the feeling, the earthy, rich and musty woods come in, spiced up to make you take in the savoury moment again. The moment never ends, as its warmth and sensuality linger on as time passes by until you open your eyes to the reality of having to start all over again.


Greatness captures the attention in the most subtle of forms. The raising of a hand or the clearing of one’s throat can turn the whole world in your direction. Let your presence speak volumes with subtlety. Fresh, warm and sultry Gold Edition of Amber Oud. Magnificently perfected to make your mere presence buzz of the day.

Amber Oud Gold by Al Haramain Perfumes is an Oriental Woody fragrance for men and women. 

Fragrance Notes:

Top note: Bergamot, Green

Middle note: Melon, Pineapple, Gourmand

Base note: Woody, Vanilla, Musk

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