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Ashaar Eau de Parfum Men 100ml Rasasi

Ashaar Eau de Parfum Men 100ml Rasasi

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This genuine Al Rasasi Perfumes product is high quality, luxury, and longer lasting. Manufactured in Dubai UAE.
Al Rasasi Perfumes for Everyone When Arabic style meets French perfumery...!!
Exotic, Oriental, Arabian Perfumes.

Al Rasasi All Perfumes is very soft and fresh. It's an oriental fragrance.
Rasasi's new Ashaar collection redefines style and elegance and has a touch
of mystery to it. Coming in two variants in 100 ml bottles, Ashaar (which
means poetry) Pour Femme and Homme are softer and subtler fragrances.
Everything from the attractive bottle to the content, Ashaar Collection
comes with a strong Bergamot whiff with a fruity touch and caters to the
sense and style of people who enjoy finer things in life.
With its rich aroma, this scent is set to attract the attention of perfume lovers
across the region. "Since our inception, Rasasi has been committed to offer products tailored to the preferences and styles of our niche customers in the region," said
Salim Kalsekar, MD, Rasasi Perfumes.
"The all-new Ashaar range for men and women is a captivating and classic
perfume in our collection, which comes with an understated sense of luxury
and pride, making you feel like a star every day," said Kalsekar.
Ashaar Pour Homme starts with a top note of Cardamom, Cinnamon and
Bergamot, cascades down with Cedarwood and sums up with Sandalwood,
Moss, Styrax and Dhan Al Oud.
"Ashaar redefines the luxury perfume sector in its own inimitable way —
the women range extends a unique mix of elegance, while the men's
collection epitomizes style and tradition. Basically, it offers poetic
sophistication at its best," added Kalsekar.
What makes Ashaar captivating is its sensual, yet timeless, appeal
that lingers softly — a perfume which reinforces Rasasi's commitment to
innovation and customer satisfaction.


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