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Bakhoor Alkeram 40g Sedr Al Khaleej

Bakhoor Alkeram 40g Sedr Al Khaleej

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Bakhoor Al Keram incense powder in glass pot with lid

Beautiful high quality incense to be burned on charcoal or electric burners, creates a pleasant smell at home, office, shop etc.

Base notes of sweet Agarwood, Sandal and Musk, with a fresh musky/Amber blend to provide a rich scent when burnt. Deep and Intense, Oudh is crafted from the fragrant resin, harvested from the heart of the knotted Aquilaria tree

How to use Bakhoor - Light a charcoal disc and add some Bakhoor powder on it or you can use an electrical Bakhoor burner. The major difference between incense sticks and Bakhoor is that the scent lasts longer than incense sticks.

Contents: 50gr Oud wood chips

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