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Black Face Mask With Air Filter

Black Face Mask With Air Filter

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Maximum protection

The only mask with 4 layers of protection-

  1. Sponge protection layer as the first layer filtration.
  2. Activated carbon filter PM5 for filtration from 0.3 macron.
  3. An active carbon filter that adds a layer of protection to 0.1 macron.
  4.  Second sponge layer that adds filtration.

The recommended charcoal filter 2.5PM effectively blocks the penetration of bacteria, dust, smoke and of course viruses from 0.1 to 0.5 macaron as in the case of the coronavirus.

The mask structure seals the face from the chin to the lower part of the eyes, providing additional protection and complete insulation.

Comfort & Quality

The mask is very easy to use and sits easily and accurately with straps on the ears and in addition, it is made of high quality and durable materials. It is so comfortable that you won’t fill it on you.

 Reusable & Cleanable 

You can easily clean the mask with disinfectants or by hand washing, It can be worn again after fully dry.

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