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Canale Di Blue de Parfum 80ml Fragrance World

Canale Di Blue de Parfum 80ml Fragrance World

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Canale Di Blue 100ml EDP by Fragrance World Inspired By Bleu De Chanel

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Lemon Tree
Heart Notes: Pink Pepper
Base Notes: Orange Blossom

Its expertly crafted, concise composition is marked by mysterious thrills, exhilarating glimmers, and noble impulses.

This revered fragrance carries a dry, understated lemony undertone with delicate hints of invigorating citrus, striking a harmonious balance with the irresistibly intoxicating, zesty freshness of ripe grapefruit.

The captivating melody reaches its peak in the intimate solo of bold, spicy, and sultry pink pepper.

The final notes of the fragrance are accentuated by subtle touches of orange blossom, delicately sealing the luxurious scent.

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