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Cloy Eau de Parfum 100ml Fragrance World

Cloy Eau de Parfum 100ml Fragrance World

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Cloy Eau de Parfum by Fragrance World Inspired By Chloe Eau De Parfum For Women embodies natural tenderness, softness, and absolute elegance in one bottle. Perfect for the modern woman with sophisticated taste and a desire to stay ahead of trends. 

Cloy Eau de Parfum takes inspiration from Chloe Eau de Parfum, embodying sophistication and grace with a harmonious fusion of floral and powdery scents. Its alluring fragrance exudes elegance and charm, making it the ideal choice for any woman who desires effortless refinement.

Top notes: Lychee, Freesia, Peony
Heart notes: Magnolia, Lily of the Valley
Base notes: Amber, Cedar, Musk

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