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Colorful Earth Lamp Quran Speaker SQ-172

Colorful Earth Lamp Quran Speaker SQ-172

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Featuring advanced audio technology with a powerful 5W speaker output,

Experience Quranic recitation, word by word, Ayah by Ayah, by 14 different translations and 18 renowned reciters.

Access authentic Islamic resources including Sahih Al-Bukhari, Hisnul Muslim, Salat Method, Sahih Al-Muslim, Hajj & Umrah guidance, and Al-Ruqyah.

Delve deeper with comprehensive Tafseer Sharavi audio and a collection of 40 Hadiths.

Enjoy quick access to key MP3 recitations like Yaseen, Ayatul Kursi, and Ruqiya with dedicated hotkeys.

Stay powered up with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, easily charged via USB.

Convenient sleep mode automatically switches off the speaker after 30/60/90 minutes.

Adjust ambient lighting by simply clapping, with customizable brightness options.

Designed for Islamic education and learning, in a sleek and modern style.

Enhance your ambiance with 7 changeable colorful lights.

Control seamlessly with touch, remote, or Bluetooth phone application.

Long-lasting Li-ion battery provides over 3 hours of continuous use.

Ample storage with 8GB memory capacity.

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