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136 25ml Marque Collection

136 25ml Marque Collection

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N-136 is a fragrance for self-confident, charismatic, self-confident men. The perfume bottle is made of gold bullion, which emphasizes the luxury, elegance and status of the owner of this unforgettable fragrance. The top notes of the N-136 fragrance composition open with tangerine, mint and grapefruit accords. Intense heart notes consist of spice, rose and cinnamon aromas. The composition ends with notes of patchouli, white woods, styrax and leather.

  • Top notes: A harmonious blend of fresh and invigorating accords, possibly featuring citrus or herbal notes that provide an uplifting and vibrant opening.
  • Heart notes: Floral or fruity elements, such as jasmine or berries, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance, evoking a sense of elegance and sophistication.
  • Base notes: Warm and inviting undertones, possibly featuring musk, amber, or vanilla, providing a lasting foundation that enriches the overall scent experience, ensuring a memorable and captivating aroma that lingers on the skin.


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