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SHEIKH Concentrated Perfume Oil 60ml Al Haramain

SHEIKH Concentrated Perfume Oil 60ml Al Haramain

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Walk in the midst of Kings and Nobles with the Sheikh Premium range oil. A hearty fragrance with underlying woody tones that flow throughout. With an opening of a warm yet sharp Amber note, this fragrance is one that lasts.

Sheikh is probably one of Al Haramains finest perfumes which they pride on the work and craftsmanship. One just has to marvel at the prestige work on the outer box and crystal bottle. Made of masculine touch, to give it that spirit and strength. A deep desire to attract and captivate anyone passing....the aroma is very intense and animalistic. 

This is a very traditional Middle Eastern scent. With the finest of ingredient of luxury leathery  Cambodi oud, Patchouli lavender, sage and vetiver. Starts of strong woody, animalistic scent, then gently settles to more musky, woody notes.

 This is a lovely perfume. One of the finest Haramain have introduced to the market.

 You can treat yourself to this luxury perfume or even gift it to someone special!

 The presentation is amazing, the over all weight is around 3kgs!

Fragrance Notes:

Top note: Elemi, Black pepper
Middle note: Labdanum resinoid, Violet
Base note: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

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