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Egra Eau de Parfum for Men 100ml Rasasi

Egra Eau de Parfum for Men 100ml Rasasi

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EGRA - MEN - 100 ml: (Male)

“EGRA for men” transcribes the brazen sensuality & conviction of a man, who bring out the sensations in every instant of life. It is certainly a distinguished fragrance that reflects a man’s personal style and impeccable taste. It is born from the passion of excellence and intended for the true connoisseurs of luxury – men who appreciate sheer exclusivity & style.

A richly seductive & very masculine aromatic fragrance revealing a fruity opening pairing Juniper Berry, Spruce and Violet leave with a stimulating note of Grapefruit. The heart note is constituted with Fir Needle oil, Galbanum & Florentine Iris. The powerful trail unites sandalwood, Ambergris Oakmoss and Musk. The glass bottle with simple architecture, adorned with black stripes represents mystery, elegance & sophistication, which are the main traits of it. It is presented in a very elegant black outer package.

Make your loved one experience “EGRA for women” the feminine version of “EGRA for men”.

 Olfactory description: Fruity - Aromatic – Woody


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