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Chilli Red Henna Paste Instant Cone

Chilli Red Henna Paste Instant Cone

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Chilli Red Instant Henna Cones Temporary Tattoo Body Kit Art Herbal Ink.
Natural Henna Paste Cone.

  • 100 % Natural Henna Paste
  • No Chemicals
  • Stability On The Skin More Than 15 Days

How To Apply:
Clean Your Hands Or The Skin Surface, Before Applying Henna Onto It.
Cut The Tip Of The Henna Cone And Gently Squeeze The Cone To Slowly Make Body Art Patterns.

Always, Keep A Damp Cloth Along To Clean Or Remove The Mistakes In The Pattern.

After Application, Let The Henna Paste Dry For 2-3 Hours.
After Henna Has Dried, Gently Peel Off Henna Flakes Using Tissue Paper Or Towel.
Avoid Using Soapy Water For A Day.

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