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Instant Summer Drink Mix Powder (Orange Watermelon & Fruit Cocktail)

Instant Summer Drink Mix Powder (Orange Watermelon & Fruit Cocktail)

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Tri-C is an instant powder drink enriched with added Vitamin C. Just add water for a fresh, fruity thirst quencher. Its sunny, zingy personality is especially appealing to families, and, because it’s easy to store, simple to use and available in jumbo family sizes, it’s a proven and cost- effective refresher for mums and dads with thirsty children worldwide.
Tri-C is a popular everyday drink but what we’ve found is that it’s become especially popular for family gatherings. Tri-C’s convenience, taste and stunning range of yummy flavours has made it the go-to drink for family gatherings across the Middle East and East Africa. It has a celebrational character that suits every happy occasion. There really is a Tri-C for everyone in the family.
We love to delight consumers with tastes they enjoy. Although our Tri-C brand includes a banquet of natural flavours universally known and loved, we’ve also tailored some flavours specifically to resonate with particular communities. And because the world’s becoming even more interconnected, we’re giving our consumers the opportunity to try fresh new flavours of fruit they may never have seen before!

Tri-C comes in a refreshing Orange/Mango/Watermelon/Fruit cocktail & Tangerine flavour which keeps everyone refreshed throughout summer. It not just has great fruit taste but also comes with the goodness of vitamins A, B, C and Iron. A glass (approximately 180ml) of Tri-C gives your child 60% of Vitamin C required for the entire day. Experience the novelty of summer with the fresh refreshment of Tang instant drink mixes.

Sizes: 2.25kg & 750g

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