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L’Intrude Eau de Parfum 100ml Alhambra

L’Intrude Eau de Parfum 100ml Alhambra

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L'Intrude by Alhambra has an oriental character and is expressed with floral nuances that will help you convey your femininity and sexuality. This composition plays with notes of courage, confidence and sensuality. It will open up on your skin and excite the imagination. The fragrance provokes and pushes them to step beyond because nothing is impossible for a modern woman. Experience the magic of tuberose wrapped in a cashmere veil of patchouli.

The top notes are a citrus haze of orange, which blends harmoniously with the floral freshness of jasmine.

The middle note reveals the "heart" of the fragrance with the tropical sound of tuberose.

The base notes combine the woody spice of patchouli and the motifs of fragrant herbs in the face of vetiver.

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