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My First Kettle & Toaster Toy

My First Kettle & Toaster Toy

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STYLISH KETTLE AND TOASTER: My First Kettle & Toaster Toy is a realistic-looking and sounds pretend-play set that includes 1 kettle, 1 toaster and 2 toast.

REALISTIC POP-UP TOASTER: With the twisting timer, the pretend play toaster has a pop-up action. Kids could imitate parents’ action to learn bake bread.

ELECTRONIC LIGHT & SOUND EFFECT KETTLE: The kettle has real boiling water sound effects when the button is on and the light effect will show up when the lid opened.

PRETEND COOKING LEARNING: The realistic toaster toys set are great for kids who are in the pretend stages and want to copy everything mommy is doing. Tons of fun to pretend cook like mommy.

HIGH-QUALITY SAFETY GRANTEE: My First Kettle & Toaster Toy playset is made from high-quality and durable plastic and assembled with the highest manufacturing and US highest ASTM safety standards

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