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My Salah Mat - Educational Interactive Prayer Mat for Children- Original

My Salah Mat - Educational Interactive Prayer Mat for Children- Original

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My Salah Mat - Educational Interactive Prayer Mat for Children- Original

What is this product? Why is it important? As a parent, what was the biggest struggle in trying to teach your children about salah?

My Salah Mat is an interactive touch-sensitive prayer mat designed for children. In an age of iPads and touch screens, children seem to seclude themselves and are too interested in playing games.

We believe that it's important to inspire children to learn salah- to pray- in a fun, easy and interactive way. We also believe that salah is about actively, physically and collectively as a family performing it on a prayer mat, and not just sitting down touching an iPad or Tablet. So, My Salah Mat created this full-size prayer mat that can be used to pray on, but also to learn from. It is in harmony with our children and designed according to the way that they enjoy learning.

We want to make sure that the first interaction, the very first time our children perform salah, is one that is positive and inspirational; so that they want to learn, that they feel the love for salah and the love for performing salah.

So we really hope, insha’Allah, that this prayer mat will really help parents with teaching their children how to perform salah in a Fun, Easy and Interactive Way.

36 Touch Sensitive Keys

Each key will play a different part in the salah. For example, we have Wudu Key, which tells the learner how to do wudu. Key for Qibla, Adhan, and much more...

7 Languages

Translated to 7 different languages, we have English, Malaysian, Urdu, Indonesian, French, Arabic & Turkish to start with.

Stand & Pray

When you stand on the prayer mat, it recognises you are standing for prayer. It will start from Allahu Akbar.

Waterproof, Fire Resistant Material

This interactive prayer mat has been made using waterproof and fire-resistant material.

Free (24pp) page Salah Activity Book And Free Guide for Parents

Specifically developed for children, this activity book will help children learn in a fun and easy way. Making Salah enjoyable. A guide that will help parents when they start teaching their children Salah.

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