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Night Club Irish Green Eau De Parfum 100ml Fragrance World

Night Club Irish Green Eau De Parfum 100ml Fragrance World

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Night Club Irish Green Perfume Eau De Parfum 100ml by Fragrance World is inspired by Green Irish Tweed, an exhilarating and invigorating fragrance that transports you to a world of sophistication and charm. This vibrant composition combines a medley of notes to create a memorable olfactory experience.

  • Top Notes: Violet, Iris, Indian Lemon, Verbena, Peppermint
  • Middle Notes: Violet Leaves, Vetiver, Basil
  • Base Notes: Florentine Violet, Sandalwood, Amber

As you embark on this olfactory journey, the top notes burst to life with the freshness of Indian Lemon, Verbena, and Peppermint, creating an initial impression of zest and vitality. These citrus and herbal notes provide a refreshing and uplifting start to the fragrance.

The heart of the perfume reveals a rich blend of Violet, Iris, Violet Leaves, Vetiver, and Basil. These notes combine to offer a green and earthy accord that adds depth and complexity to the composition. The interplay of floral and green elements creates a sense of balance and allure.

In the base notes, Florentine Violet, Sandalwood, and Amber bring warmth and sensuality to the fragrance. The subtle sweetness of Violet harmonizes with the creamy richness of Sandalwood, while Amber provides a lingering, ambery depth.

Night Club Irish Green Perfume is a unisex fragrance that belongs to the Green Floral fragrance family. Its fresh and aromatic profile makes it suitable for those who appreciate lively and invigorating scents. With its generous 100ml size, it ensures you’ll enjoy this captivating fragrance for many memorable nights out.

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