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Opposite Eau de Parfum 100ml Al Haramain

Opposite Eau de Parfum 100ml Al Haramain

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PINK: A lightweight, extremely light and feminine fragrance with a charming train, which is ideal for adult women and young persons. Upper motives perfume poured lighter shades of fruity clusters, which are complemented by a lush freshness and subtle sweetness aldehydic pulp. Jasmine tunes hear in the heart of the fragrance, but here they are organically complemented by elegant accords of sandalwood and sweet cashmere. Then it gradually subsides harmony - and ends with the release extravaganza moss, having a sweet flavour, which emerges through the barely perceptible bitter amber.

BLACK: Opposite Black opens with a daring pine freshness that is characterised by its citric nuances. The introduction of fig, mint and violet leaves creates a spicy coolness that is juxtaposed with the dense Woody and Amber notes. The seemingly conflicting aromas come together to form an excitingly warm and fresh fragrance that leaves a rugged woody and peppery trail.


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