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100% Natural Sidr Leaves (Lote Leaves Jujube Ziziphus Qasil Leaf)

100% Natural Sidr Leaves (Lote Leaves Jujube Ziziphus Qasil Leaf)

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Sidr leaves is derived from the ancient organic sidr trees that thrive in Saudi Arabia's deserts. The leaves are chosen, rinsed, sun-dried, and finely ground. Sidr powder is an excellent cleanser that may be used as a natural shampoo, face wash, and body wash.

Al Sidr trees are also mentioned in the Quran, as one of the plants of Paradise. Its many earthly uses include disinfecting wounds, healing skin diseases and as an anti-inflammatory.

Uses Sidr Leaves
  • Soak several leaves in boiled water and let it sit for several hours, then rinse your mouth with this water to soothe toothache and to treat gum infections.
  • Drink Sidr tea to lower the body temperature, and for restoring vital energy to the body, as well as for treat infections and inflammation, and for relieve menstrual pain. It can be taken before bedtime to get rid of insomnia and tension. Do not drink too much of this tea.
  • To treat arthritis, grind Sidr leaves and knead with water, then put the paste on the joints to soften the pain.
  • To treat acne, mix powdered Sidr leaves with water until it becomes a paste, then apply it on the face for 10 minutes and then rinse the face with lukewarm water. This can be repeated three times a week.
  • Boil the Sidr leaves for about 20 minutes and then wash with water to treat skin diseases. It is also possible to prepare a bath to treat the entire body.
  • Boil the leaves of Sidr with the Siwak for about twenty minutes and then strain and drink it to eliminate inflammation of the intestines.
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