Oud Mood Air Freshener 300ml Lattafa-Air Freshener-Lattafa

Oud Mood Air Freshener 300ml Lattafa

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Oud Mood is an exclusive fragrance, depicting musky and woody notes. It is composed of ingredients of the finest quality, giving an aroma that exudes luxury and style. What everyone wants is just one thing: to love the warm scent with exotic woods and spices. Gives you the most exciting and exuberant aroma of unsurpassed quality and class inducing the feeling of peace, pleasure and power within and around you Oud Mood Gold a fragrance, slightly sweet, strong and very persistent. The amber and Oud notes are lightly pressed with the sweet and precious musk, emitting pure Arabian flavors.

Top Notes: Amber, Spices

Heart Notes: Resin, Oud

Base Notes: Musk, Incense, Oud