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Pocket Quran Speaker, Muslim Walkman Player, 12 languages 18 reciter 8GB MP3, FM

Pocket Quran Speaker, Muslim Walkman Player, 12 languages 18 reciter 8GB MP3, FM

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This Quran speaker is designed specially for Islamic education, it's designed as the shape of book mark and islamic mosque shape. You can choose different reciters and languages to listen by pressing buttons, and we can choose any Surah and Pages and Juz to listen, what's more, we can choose word by word mode to listen to Quran recitation. We can also study more Islamic culture such as Salah, Haji&Umrah, Qaida Noorania, Tafseer, Holy names, Hadiths, Al Ruqyah Al Sharyah and so on.


Muslim Walkman(8GB) Mp3 Player

*Shortkey for Surah, Page, Ayah.

*Full function keyboard.

*Quran voice can be combined with Translation voice.

*3 level repeat

*Complete Tafseer audio, Word by word

*FM Radio, MP3 Player

*Sahih Muslim, Hisnul Muslim

*Hajj&Umrah, Al Ruqyah Al Sharyah

*40 Hadith, Salah Guide

*Rechargeable Li-battery (USB Charging).

*High performance 2W speaker *400mAh battery.


Quran Reciters  Languages

Al-Sudais   English

Al-Ajmy      Urdu

Al-Menshawy      French

Al-Hussary Turkish

Al-Hudaify Farsi

Basfar        Yogur

Ar-Refai     Uzbek

Al-Akdar     Russian

Al-Dukali    Chinese

Barakatullah Saleem   Malay

Abdul Rasheed Sufi     German

Slaah Bukhatir    Spanish

Abdul Basit Mujawad   Malayalam

Abdul Basit Kurdish

Maher Alqeeli      Darri

Al-Ghamidy         Pashto

Al-Afasy     Kazak

Muhammad Ayoub       Kirgyz

Shatree      Tamil

M-Jabreel Bengai

Daghistani Thai

Salah Al-Budair   Marathi

Baby Reciter       Indonesian

Tablaway   Somali


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