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Rakheem Concentrated Perfume Oil 15ml Swiss Arabian

Rakheem Concentrated Perfume Oil 15ml Swiss Arabian

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Ingredients: flower and fruit oils, cedar, musk, spices.

Producer: Swiss Arabian (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

volume 15 ml, oil perfume

 Swiss Arabian brand Rakheem perfumes - for women, belong to the group of oriental floral and fruit aromas.

 Top notes are a green apple, rose, jasmine;

Middle notes are saffron, galbanum, amber and hyacinth;

Base notes are cedar, musk, oud, vanilla.

 Rakheem in translation sounds like "Melody." The aroma does not open immediately, like a melody.

The initial notes are the aroma of green apple and jasmine, which is complemented by notes of rose. The melody of the aroma is revealed with a spicy hint of saffron, the sophistication of hyacinth and freshness of galbanum. The sound is harmoniously complemented by cedar chords, the sensuality of musk and the smoky mystery of oud.

 Romantic, delicate, delicate and at the same time bright aroma, ideal for winter and autumn.


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