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Rose De Tesoro 250ml Perfume Body By Mystiq

Rose De Tesoro 250ml Perfume Body By Mystiq

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"Rose De Tesoro 250ml Perfume Body By Mystiq captures the timeless elegance and romance of a blooming rose garden. This exquisite fragrance celebrates the beauty and allure of the rose with its delicate floral notes and lush green accents. Each spritz of Rose De Tesoro envelops you in a cloud of soft petals and fresh botanicals, creating a captivating aura of femininity and grace. Perfect for any occasion, this perfume body spray is a luxurious indulgence that leaves a lasting impression. Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of Rose De Tesoro and let your senses wander through a garden of roses."

Top Notes: Crisp and fresh green notes, reminiscent of the leaves and stems of a rose bush, providing a lively and invigorating opening.

Middle Notes: The rich and captivating scent of rose petals, exuding a soft and delicate floral aroma that forms the heart of the fragrance.

Base Notes: Subtle hints of musk or woody undertones, adding depth and warmth to the composition, enhancing the longevity and complexity of the scent.

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