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Sehr Al Kalemat (Men) Eau De Parfum 100ml Arabian Oud

Sehr Al Kalemat (Men) Eau De Parfum 100ml Arabian Oud

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Introducing Sehr Kalemat, a long-lasting premium unisex perfume from Arabian Oud,that captivates the senses with its aromatic blend. Inspired by exotic spice gardens, this fragrance features invigorating peppery notes of fresh basil and balsamic incense. The delicate sweetness of vanilla soothes the olfactory experience, transporting you to the heart of this enticing composition. The journey concludes with enduring base notes of smoked oud, while warm amber adds refinement and depth to this beloved classic.

Indulge in the allure of Sehr Kalemat, presented in an Eau de Parfum, available in a 100ml spray.

  • Top Notes: Spicy and aromatic accords that provide an invigorating and captivating opening.
  • Heart Notes: Deep, smoky essences of precious woods that create a rich and intense core.
  • Base Notes: Warm and sensual blend of amber and musk, leaving a lasting and memorable trail.
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