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Shifawise 100% Pure Avocado Honey

Shifawise 100% Pure Avocado Honey

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Avocado honey, a rare gourmet honey, is a result of bees feeding on the nectar of avocado tree blossoms,
harvested in the middle of avocado groves, on the tropical coast of Spain. The honey is primarily sweet
and has a similar taste to molasses or sorghum, with a subtle and pleasant, aromatic aroma along with a
robust and buttery flavour and texture.

Unlike other honeys, Avocado Honey has a unique sugar in its composition - persitol. Scientists believe
that this may be why it does not crystallize as quickly as the other bee by-products. That may be due to the
presence of persitol, which is not found in any other type of honey.

The nectar of the avocado tree is rich in two specific minerals: Phosphorus and Potassium. It sounds like a
healthy choice, right? But not for the bees. As these insects scout for their next energy source, they often
select flowers with just the right concentration of nutrients. Studies show that bees often turn down mix-
tures with high levels of salts, especially the two aforementioned. As a result, the harvest of avocado

honey is relatively low compared to other types, like acacia or orange blossom.


This molasses-tasting honey is an excellent spread that pairs well with hearty freshly-baked bread, it's
great to use in baking, and it contributes depth when mixed into to salad dressings, marinades and meat
glazes, and thick sauces.

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