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Silver Wood 30ml Eau De Parfum I Clive Dorris

Silver Wood 30ml Eau De Parfum I Clive Dorris

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Silver Wood-Clive Dorris Collection-EDP-100ml-30ml-Fragrance World

Silver Wood is a woody, cosy fragrance, a woody gourmand, but rather not for "sweet-tooth" lovers. Loved by men and women. Silver Wood is an iconic and mysterious fragrance. Feminine, masculine? It doesn't take sides: it is a fragrance that arouses desire and curiosity. Silver Wood is a contrasting fragrance. Its Iris's heart is the light in a smoky swirl of Incense. The vaporous white of smoky Incense blends with the golden sheen of Iris's heart. Sensual. Silver Wood combines masculine Iris with feminine Incense. Its fragrance invites you to dress yourself in a soft elegance. Silver Wood is a powerful scent you love sensing nearby. Its sensuality, wrapped in a mystical smoky quality, gives the fragrance a strikingly unforgettable personality.

The top notes are Iris, Cypress and Juniper Berries.Middle notes are Myrrh and Patchouli.Base notes are Woods, Honey, Vanilla, Resins, Amber, Musk and Leather.

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