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Thameem Collection - (Fakhar, Shamoukh, Thara, Maali) Eau de Parfum 30ml Lattafa

Thameem Collection - (Fakhar, Shamoukh, Thara, Maali) Eau de Parfum 30ml Lattafa

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Thameen Collection

Thameen Collection by Lattafa perfumes has really exclusive perfume spray. Fakhar, Shamoukh, Thara, Maali. Perfume for men and women, that suits up all the occasions and very long-lasting perfume. The scent of all the perfumes is really unique and magical.

FAKHAR Perfume is inspired by the art of seduction and the irresistible act of coming together. Arabic essences for any type of customer who prefers strong and warm aromas. This fragrance has unique Arabic aromas and an indescribable elegance. A contemporary and modern fragrance for modern living. Sensual Perfume and Sensation of Freshness. Olfactory Notes

Top Notes: Amber and Oud
Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Patchouli
Base Notes: Fresh oriental sweet spices

Shamouk means glory, height and sublime in Arabic.
Its main notes bring a floral note to this oriental and woody fragrance. In addition, its balsamic fragrance has soothing and softening properties. Its aroma reinforces its warm and sensual oriental essence. Its spicy tip brings character to the Shamouk perfume.
The Shamoukh perfume transports us to a delicious universe, its fragrance Delights our senses in a unique way. Olfactory Notes

Top Notes: Balsamic, Rose
Middle Notes: Powdery, Warm, Spicy
Base Notes: Oud Wood, Sandalwood

Maali is a word from the Arabic language which is translated as "his excellence". This luxurious oriental fragrance that is renowned in the world of perfumery, it will offer you a soft woody, tangy and fresh touch. Maali perfume has musky, amber and leathery notes. Its oriental touches are warm and spicy. The fresh citrus notes precede the balmy floral harmony of magnolia and honeysuckle and sweet fruity raspberry nuance. The base is composed of cashmere wood, amber and musk.

Main Accords: Fresh And Tangy Notes, Citrus Fruits, Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Woody Notes, Oud Wood, Sandalwood And Amber Notes.


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