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The Fire Eau De Parfum 60ml FA Niche by Fragrance World

The Fire Eau De Parfum 60ml FA Niche by Fragrance World

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Introducing The Fire, an Extrait De Parfum inspired by Nuit de Feu. meticulously crafted by FA Paris Niche, drawing inspiration from the captivating Nuit de Feu. This fragrance stands as an olfactory masterpiece, orchestrating a symphony of scents that transport you to a blazing, passionate night.

The journey begins with an entrancing accord of amber, smoky nuances, and opulent oud. Like the initial flicker of flames, this opening imbues the air with warmth and intrigue, instantly captivating the senses and setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

As The Fire unfurls, notes of leather and balsamic richness emerge, infusing the composition with depth and complexity. Interwoven with warm and invigorating spicy accords, these elements further enhance the fragrance's allure, enveloping the wearer in a sensual and captivating embrace.

At the heart of The Fire lies a mesmerizing blend of sensuous leather and aromatic spices, creating an intoxicating aura that beckons exploration and indulgence.

Finally, the base notes unveil the true essence of the scent, revealing a masterful fusion of animalic accords that accentuate its primal and passionate character. Here, amidst the lingering embers, The Fire burns with irresistible desire and undeniable charm.

Main Accords: Amber, Smoky, Oud, Leather, Balsamic, Warm Spicy, Fresh Spicy, Animalic.

The Fire is more than a fragrance; it is an invitation to awaken the senses, to embrace the essence of passion and intensity. With its smouldering, balsamic embrace, this composition leaves an indelible mark on those who encounter its mesmerizing aura, igniting a flame that lingers long after the night has passed.

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