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Tragedy EAU de Parfum 80ml Fragrance World

Tragedy EAU de Parfum 80ml Fragrance World

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This perfume has similar fragrance notes to Tragedy of Lord is a subtle and elegant fragrance belonging to the Oriental group of perfumes. This scent conveys the charm and elegance that are characteristic of an English nobleman. Despite its extravagant nature, this aroma is very thoughtful and exudes a sense of depth.

In the initial stage, warmth is provided by wood and its bitterness. This unique combination creates a strong and complex scent that immediately draws attention. The notes of wood and its bitterness become an excellent basis for further perfume chords.

The most interesting part of this fragrance's chords is the combination of cognac and chocolate-vanilla shades. This scent gives the perfume a sweet and attractive warmth, while emphasizing their subtlety and elegance.

In the final stage, the sweetness of tonka beans and the gentle, powdery salty amber is felt. These ingredients give the scent a long-lasting and attractive trail, leaving a feeling that lasts long after the scent has disappeared.

In general, this is an extraordinary and elegant scent that highlights the wearer's elegance and sophistication. It is a great choice for those who like complex and in-depth character perfumes.

Top notes: Wood.

Heart notes: Cognac, Chocolate, Vanilla.

Base notes: Amber, Tonka Beans.

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