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Wahage Eau De Parfum 100ml Surrati

Wahage Eau De Parfum 100ml Surrati

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Bergamot in wonderful shades of light bitterness, at the same time juiciness of citrus and smooth tone of ripe fruit, surrounded by an aura of soft woody chords, is the men's perfume Wahage Italian Bergamot.

Rosemary with a spicy touch, as if outlined with mint in an herbal undertone, together with vetiver, creates a casual chill that blends with vetiver's smoky dust trail.

The pleasant floral finish shows the delicate beauty of the orange blossoms, whose slightly honey touch corresponds to the fresh green echo of the leaves and twigs.

Gentlemen, let yourself play the sparkling game of Wahage Italian Bergamot, with a perfect interplay of charm and seduction.

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