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Wudu Tayammum Dust Pad For Dry Ablutions

Wudu Tayammum Dust Pad For Dry Ablutions

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Wudu Tayyamum Dust Pad For Dry Ablutions:

Tayammum is an Arabic word and is an Islamic act. It means to purify yourself without water. Tayammum kit is performed using clean and dry earth. It is in place of ablution (wudu) or bath (ghusl) when clean water is not available. The second condition is that the water is available but the user is suffering from a condition in which he cannot use water.

Conditions for Dry Ablution:

Prayer time has started.

When sufficient water is not available for ritual washing (ghusal) or Dry ablution (wudu). When he cannot use water.

Method of Tayammum:

Keeping your fingers wide open, hit the clean earth once using palms of your both hands.

Blow your both hands and wipe your face with your both hands.

Wipe your right hand with your left hand and then your left hand with your right hand up to your wrist.

This tayammum is the replacement both for wudu and ghusal (Pak Matti). This tayammum will become invalidated (finished) when water becomes available and you will have to perform wudu or ghusl.

Features of Tayammum Boxes Prepared by Al-Taiba International:

For your convenience, we have prepared “Tayammum Box” with the following features:

This box is available in beautiful packing.

Packing in two sizes is available for your convenience.

It is very handy and easy to carry.

You can pack it easily in your journey bag and it does not occupy much space.

It is light-weight and will not add much to your weight.


Tayammum box price is performed using clean earth or anything specified by the Islamic scholars. Al-Taiba International has prepared tayammum box for your convenience. Dry Ablution for persons who is unable to use water or either water is not available.

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