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Gift For Muslim Bride & Groom

Gift For Muslim Bride & Groom

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by: Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed

This Gift Box contains two very useful books for a newly married couple

A Gift for Muslim Bride: The book contains how to live amicably with in-laws avoiding all domestic disputes and how to harmonize with the husband’s sentiments and preferences, to capture his heart and inclusive attention, etc. The book also contains stories of some exemplary women, Imam Al- Ghazzali’s advice and other precious parting advice as a light of guidance. By practicing them a home can become a garden of Jannah.

A Gift for Muslim Groom: The book deals with; identifying the Islamic responsibilities of a husband towards his wife, persuading him to pay heed to her rights, loving and respecting her, pleasant ways of ignoring her mistakes and saving his wife from the disobedience of Allah, the topic assigning her thoughts for all the relatives and women of the area to act upon the complete religion. Likewise laying down Muslim psychological principles to escape all the tensions, worries, and confusions between the husband, wife, mother, daughter, sister-in-law in such a way so as to create a prosperous and satisfied society.

This is a very ideal gift to present to a newlywed couple!

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