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Assorted Chocolate Almond Tamrah Dates 600g

Assorted Chocolate Almond Tamrah Dates 600g

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Each delight from Tamrah comes individually wrapped to you. This keeps the taste and flavour of our chocolate covered treats exactly the way we want you to relish them. They make for wonderful on-the-go treats, fabulous party snacks, fun favours or just a single-serve treat for your delight.

Tamrah is an innovative offering from Best Food to the global food industry. Made from the handpicked of premium dates, stuffed with golden roasted almonds and wrapped in premium chocolate, Tamarah blends the taste of tradition with the scope of innovation with amazing ease. For product innovation, Tamarah received the prestigious Gulf Food Award in 2013.

An assortment of almond stuffed dates to suit your every mood. Coated in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel and coconut. In a large zipper bag. Perfect for sharing anytime.

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